Oasis vs. The Goo Goo Dolls

There was a time not so long ago I would argue the Goo Goo Dolls were a more talented band than Oasis. Now this was a private debate I shared with an Oasis superfan, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Campbell only. As a super fan he found the notion completely absurd and the humor he found in the comparison was worth its weight in gold. Even I found it hard keeping it straight when he would reference the album 'A Boy Named Goo'. I did it for the reaction, but since I do enjoy some of their tracks I could defend my position. I took it upon myself in the name of comedy, a mild fan, and a pest, that I would champion respect for the GGD. It was hilarious and absurd, like eating french bread and claiming deadpan 'This is the most delicious kit-kat I have ever eaten'. The witty banter never got old, fabricating record sales and debating the toughness of Buffalo versus Manchester. I wouldn't ever abandon my position, and our inside joke was going to last a lifetime. That was until 'All your dreams are made when you're chained to your mirror with your razor blade' was chanted in unison throughout the arena.